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Vanguard Culinary Group’s production capabilities offer new and existing customers sophistication and flexibility. Our USDA regulated production and warehousing facilities are equipped to handle simple to complex food products ranging from frozen entrees, Ready to Eat Deli products and Bulk Bagged products. Our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) capabilities offer extended shelf life for a wide range of products. Our State of the Art Foreign Material detection includes both Metal Detectors and X-Ray Inspection that assure your products are delivered Food Safe.

Production Capability vanguard culinary group
Pasta Blancher


Pasta Blancher

Grill Marker

  • Applying grill lines to raw proteins- primarily chicken before low-temp cook

Baxter Ovens

  • Small capacity: High-temp baking/roasting

Smokehouse- Style Ovens

  • Large capacity Low-temp or Sous Vide cooking.

Steam Kettle

  • Used for Sauces, Gravies, Soups, average capacity at 5,000 lbs. +2 Larger Capacity

Tilting Steam Kettle

  • Used for meat fillings, mashed potatoes, similar items with limited liquid when finished.

Ribbon Blender

  • Large batch, Low liquid combining of ingredients i.e. Meatloaf


  • Pureeing kettle sauces for smoother texture.


  • Metal detection,  X-ray technology


  • Programmable paddle blenders, ribbon blenders


Vacuum Tumbler

  • For raw protein marinades; aids the flavor, texture, and yield of finished product.

"Slitter" aka Horizontal Slicer

  • Used to prep raw chicken breasts for stuffed chicken.

Carruthers Dicer/ Slicer

  • Proteins

Cooked Protein Puller


Blast Cells

  • Used to quickly cool racks of products coming from the ovens or in hot filled bags

On-Site Warehouse Freezer

Separate RTE & Raw Coolers

Large Off-Site Warehouse

  • Ambient, refrigerated, and frozen storage areas; Primary shipping & receiving location for VCG

Heat Exchanger

  • Attached to 3 of our steam kettles for quick and controlled chilling of sauces prior to pack off.


Roll Stock x3

  • Double Lane, Vacuum capability; Film Pouches in various sizes.  Smallest 4"x4" with a capacity of 8 to 16oz. Largest holds 3-4 lbs.

Vertical Bagger x2

  • Optional bucket dump; used primarily for 2-5 lbs. bulk offerings.

Film Sealing of Trays

  • Multiple lines/equipment; Standard and MAP seal capabilities. 

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